Automotive Recruiting | Automotive Sales Training

What We Do

  • Provide powerful online advertising
  • Attract quality applicants
  • Screen applicants for quality interviews
  • Save management’s valuable time to focus on selling cars
  • Provide in-house training with our 7 Steps to Success system
  • Customize and develop complete sales process from start to finish for 30% closing ratios

First Month Results

  • Emil Pechev = 24 units
  • Jean Marc = 18 units
  • Rich Wager = 26 units
  • Mark Brenner = 16 units
  • Jeff Oswald = 25 units
  • Jerold Garcia = 19 units
  • Sharon Williams = 15 units
  • Alex Soybezman = 16 units


Custom sales training programs are available
for management and advanced salespeople!

Top Questions about our Automotive Recruiting and Sales Training

How did you develop your automotive sales training curriculum?

By studying the business and the top producers in the industry and by believing that a 20% closing ratio was unacceptable!

Do you recruit/train Sales personnel only or do you also recruit/train managers?

We recruit all personnel in the Dealership. We Train Salespeople and Managers.

What are some of your recent sales achievements?

1. We assist with increasing Dealership Sales up to 20% by extracting opportunity from their unsold customers for the Sales team to do what they do best, put deals together.
2. We study your Lost Sales; how many Deals you lost last month, who you lost them to and why you lost them. Customized Training material to minimize your lost business by up to 20%.
3. We will extract from your Service Dept all your potential opportunity and steer them back into your Sales Dept. for added deals and more used inventory. We will increase your Service Business as well by keeping the customers coming back consistently.