Automotive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

  • Online Customer tracking system with your own password
  • 24/7 interactive communication between your salespeople and our communication techs
  • Tracking system to monitor salespeople‚Äôs ups, demos, write-ups, sales, and phone activity
  • View all appointments, hot leads, lost sales, activity, and comments
  • Use as your own follow-up system for salespeople
  • Salespeople can access from home for last minute details
  • The simplest most effective system on the market

Top Questions about our Automotive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

How did you develop your Automotive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tool?

We created a simplified System specifically for car guys that everyone can use well. We can access and communication with any Dealers’ CRM System to ensure full integration and accurate reporting.

automotive crm

What are Direct Connect’s top sales achievements?

1. We assist with increasing Dealership Sales up to 20% by extracting opportunity from there unsold customers for the Sales team to do what they do best..put deals together.
2. We will study your Lost Sales… how many Deals you lost last month, who you lost them to and why you lost them. Then provide Training material to shave your lost business up to 20%.
3. We will extract from your Service Dept all your potential opportunity and steer them back into your Sales Dept. for added deals and more used inventory. We will increase your Service Business as well by keeping the customers coming back consistently.