Fully Managed Automotive Business Development (BDC) Center

Sales Department

  • We are your local offsite telecommunication center
  • Tracking the 80% of your unsold customer base, all of your floor, phone, internet, spi-fi, and sold customers to fruition
  • Creating more floor traffic from your already spent advertising dollars
  • Increasing your closing ratio up to 20%
  • Creating high SSI/CSI scores
  • Giving you valuable customer feedback
  • Providing you with a Lost Sales report for additional training

Service Department

  • Follow-up on all closed out R.O.’s, call includes:
    a. Level of satisfaction; less than 100% referred back to Service Manager
    b. Customer interested in Selling or Trading their vehicle? (good source for quality used vehicles & trade-ins).
    c. Seek referrals for additional used car business
  • Set Customer up for the next recommended Service visit based on Service Advisor’s recommendation.
  • Follow-up on all turned down R.O. work recommended by Service Advisor.
  • Follow-up & schedule appointments on all Factory Recalls & Bulletins.
  • Call & set appointments when next recommended service is due.
  • Confirm appointments to increase show rate.
  • Follow-up service visit for level of satisfaction & start the process all over.

Top Questions about our Automotive Business Development Center

Why should I outsource my BDC (Business Development Center)?

By outsourcing your BDC you can have a fully functioning BDC Department, completely set up and operational in one day for less than half the cost of doing it in-house.

What makes you different than your competitors?

We totally customize our processes to meet your needs and calling pattern. We’ve specialized in Automotive BDC for over 12 years. We will continually study and analyze the details of your Lost Sales, which can be used for ongoing additional training to reduce future Lost Sales.

What is the history of Direct Connect’s founders?

Direct Connect was created by car people for car people. After 20 years in the business, and seeing the Unsold Customers that were constantly falling through the cracks from the Sales Floor, Incoming Phone calls and Internet leads, our Founder Matt Siciliani knew that a well-oiled, highly-trained Automotive Business Development Center was the only way to create consistency in tracking the unsold customers and increasing closing ratios and service revenue.